Wednesday, September 12, 2012

full week

I see it's been a week since my last post. It's been a full week, some good, some bad.
On the debit side:
I've had an accident in my car with deer on the road.
My washing machine has refused to spin out while full of towels. 
Most sadly this Sunday we lost our dear Uncle Dan. He was Jerome's mother's youngest brother and owned a home on Ice Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Iron River. When our children were 3 and 1 we spent a week in one of their cabins and began a 30 year annual visitation with him and his wife, Gladys. So many wonderful memories. You might say, driving through Wisconsin every summer for 30 years left an indelible mark on my soul. An interesting couple, examples of how life can be lived. We'll all miss him.
On the plus side:
I've been to dinner and a movie (Hope Springs) with my dear friend Robin.
Been to a fiber arts guild meeting at Ewetopia.
Spent a full day at Quilt Expo in Madison. An amazing day.
Canned pint after pint of applesauce and tomato sauce.
Seen the return of Mr. Pheasant, seen a few rainbows, and just this dawn the waning moon and Venus arm in arm in the rosy dawn.
I do daily check up on each of the blogs I have linked on this page. I don't often comment but I am sustained by what each of you is up to and thank you for the grace I receive reading your postings. I am pulled up out of the dark well of lethargy by your creativity and enthusiasm.
There are bad days, and bad moments but they are gotten through by looking through the windows of your worlds.
Yesterday, as I'm sure many of you did also, I vividly recalled just where I was and what I was doing when the first reports of the twin towers reached my world. Somehow life has never been quite the same for any of us. Each day is precious and non-returnable. Something worth thinking about.


  1. Definitely a week of peaks and troughs. I am very sorry to hear of the passing of a dear relative. How very sad for you. I too remembered the reporting of the twin towers. I was watching the tv as the events unfolded. They will forever remain etched in my memory. I hope that September brings you many sweet moments and that the good days outnumber the not so good.

  2. Hi Sharon!!
    It really seems a busy week the one you had. Sad and happy things happened...but I'm really happy to see that you enjoy everything: that's life, isn't it? That's why we HAVE to enjoy everything of it! :)
    Nice picture of the rainbow on your blog's header!

  3. Sharon, I'm so sorry to read that you and Jerome have lost a dear uncle. Very sad. And I do hope that you and your car are OK after that accident!

    Sending you hugs!