Sunday, September 30, 2012

a day on the water

Yesterday was a fine, fine day here in the driftless region, and that good weather was hugging Chicago as well. A great late season opportunity to enjoy the out of doors.

Seizing the day off, my son Phil and his good buddy Jeff went out to fish Lake Michigan and then the Chicago River.

(If you ever visit Chicago, take the architectural tour by boat. I've done it a few times with school groups and once as a guest on a charter outing. Fabulous. But I look forward to the day when I can go with my son, Phillip.)

It was a good fishing day, but late morning, back on the lake, they "caught" something they hadn't expected. A passing jogger had noticed a man floundering in the water and shouted for help. Phil and Jeff responded and were able to bring the man to shore.
Fully dressed, even wearing a down parka, unable to swim and already swallowing water, the man was so disoriented he didn't seem to know his own name. Once safely on shore, medical help and harbor police arrived quickly. 
You hear many many stories about the ugliness of Chicago. I like to think there are many more beautiful stories you don't hear involving good folk going about their days with caring hearts.
God bless all involved in yesterday's rescue. I'm proud of you, Phil.


  1. I bet the man was so grateful that your son and his friend decided to go 'fishing' that day. Well done to Phil and Jeff for saving a man's life. I am sure he will be eternally grateful.

  2. WOW. We never know when our presence will make a difference. Hooray to Phil and Jeff, guardian angels, both.

  3. Hi Sharon! What a beautiful story! It's fantastic...and I can imagine how happy your son and his friend will feel!!
    Chicago looks really nice...and I would love an architectural tour by boat!!

  4. Sharon, I had read this post before, and thought I had left a comment! (Too much rushing around, I guess!)
    What a wonderful thing your son Phil and his friend did. I'm sure their actions touched many lives that day! Heroes for sure!

  5. Wow! YAY Phil and Jeff =) Beautiful photos Sharon!!!!