Monday, October 31, 2011

one year anniversary

Today SallyMomSprouts is one year old. It's fun having Halloween as my blogging anniversary. And it's hard to comprehend how quickly that year has gone. Once in a while I look back at early posts and wonder about that newbie blogger and naive farmgirl in the making. I worry that some day my old posts will disappear and I'll not have a record of them, as they stand as the only real journal I have of this precious year. And I do so easily forget what I've done day to day. . .
I'm moved by life at the moment and will end today simply by saying Happy Halloween.


  1. Happy Hallow'een Sharon. Happy blogging anniversary too! Your pumpkin has a very jolly expression!

  2. Happy Blogiversary, Sharon!! And it was a little over a year ago that I "met" you through Anne! So happy about that!! And I just love your pumpkin!

  3. congratulations, sharon! i am delighted to have found you, thanks to miss judy (above). and i hope you have a very spooky evening!

  4. Nice to hear from each of you and thanks for your support. Your comments recharge my batteries and lift my soul. Such fun to be a part of your circle.
    Grace abundant.

  5. You know, Sharon, I was just mentioning the same thing, about not wanting to lose my blog, to my daughter the other night. Where it's on the internet, it doesn't matter how often I back up my computer... She is going to check into some things for me. I know there are sites where you can make your blog into a book, but I have 5 years worth of ramblings...
    In any case, I also love receiving your comments, Sharon. You are a real blessing.