Saturday, October 1, 2011

little things mean a lot

I returned to the farm yesterday after a nice week-long visit with Jerome, Mya, Phil, Kelly, my sister Terri, and several of my girlfriends. Unfortunately, I brought a zinger of a head cold back with me. Ugh. I am never sick so this is an insult as well as a pain.
Despite being totally unprepared for the calendar change from August to September, I was very aware of turning it this morning. September was an awfully full month. Good full, and difficult full. As if a promise of a lovely month ahead, Mother Nature provided full sun. Last night we had a frost here. No damage despite white lawns and a frosty garage roof. We had covered some things yesterday just in case and picked bunches of basil, a wheel barrow full of apples, a few dozen tomatoes, and a large box of edamame.
Today my head is alternating between sneezes and coughs and though I'm feeling sorry for myself, I'm not giving in. I did a walk about the grounds to see what's been happening in my absence. Still lots of frogs in the pond, baby spinach, kale and swiss chard growing larger in the vegetable bed, gorgeous chestnuts begging to be gathered into a bowl for the dining room, shield bugs trying to master sneaking into the house but our new doors keeping them at bay, yes!
Golly, the sunset is on our side of the road now. When did that happen?!

And yesterday Anne noticed a little (turn away you sensitive types) attempted chicken sex going on in the chicken yard. It seems our little Polish felt compelled to mount one of the hens. (S)he is still the only chicken who crows. But it messes with my head to think of that bird as anything but female.
Here's a photo of Jerome holding her during his last visit. Oh dear.....
I can't resist showing you our girls. They so enjoyed being together again during our visit. Here they are at their favorite occupation. Dovey tries to tell Mya about all she sees out the farmhouse windows, but Mya finds it hard to believe. She's only ever been a city girl.
We took Mya to the vet to update her shots this week. I don't know who was more upset, Mya or Jerome. Too traumatic for both of them.


The day before I left the farm to go to the city, our Amish friends Eli and Lovina arrived to put the nesting boxes in the chicken house. So far the chickens have only explored sitting on top of it and on the little perches in front of each box. Surely eggs can't be too far off....

And as promised, here is a photo of Sarah's quilt. I am not at all good at using my point and shoot, but you get the idea. The lines of quilting are clearly visible here, though the colors are richer in person. It is now hanging in Sarah's "art wing" and I am delighted that she loves it.

Well, these sweet things go a long way in keeping me from feeling sorry for myself with this thick head. I hope they offer some cheer this first day of October. Can it really be almost 6 months until the vernal equinox?????
For today I refuse to think about that.


  1. A lovely post Sharon. I hope you feel better soon and shake off your cold. Thank you for the lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog. With regards to growing grapes you are best to consult the experts, especially if you are doing it on a large scale. I picked up a few tips I can pass on to you at the course such as the flowers on the vines are not pollinated by bees or insects but by wind! The grapes need to be in a south facing windy area to pollinate the flowers and to harden up the main stems. Once the vines are established they never need watering! Hope these tips help! The quilt you made is gorgeous and very autumnal in colours.

  2. So good to see you back on your blog, Sharon! But I'm very sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! I hope that by now, Sunday night, you are starting to feel better.
    Sarah's quilt is so very beautiful, and I'm sure even lovelier in person! And the picture of Maya and Dovie, along with your added commentary, is precious! Yes, we've had to bring Rosie and Angus in for shots and exams and it was not a calm scene - poor babies!
    I don't know what to say about your chicken situation (!), but hope all is well!
    I'm so glad you had a good visit with family and friends in your city house. Here's sending you a bundle of good wishes and hugs, with hopes that you'll soon be feeling as good as new!