Monday, September 12, 2011

aloha inflatable

When Anne and Phil were about 5 and 3, Jerome's father, known as Pater, took all of us fishing for the first time. Thus began Phil's love affair with the sport. A few years back Phil bought himself his first boat, an inflatable, which he could pack easily into his car and take out on the lagoons near the high school where he was teaching on sweet days when he was not coaching after school. You could propel her by oar or trolling motor. He often brought her up to Ice Lake when we visited Uncle Dan in Iron River, Michigan  UP,  and we all enjoyed riding about the lake.
Here you see Anne, Phil and Matthias bringing her in after a fishing outing on Ice Lake.
Here is my favorite oarsman giving me a gentle ride around the lake while the kids fished nearby.
And here is my favorite photo of Jerome and me taking a ride. Of course you don't wear shoes in an inflatable, which adds to the feeling of being gently rocked. Those inflated bolsters made it all the more comfortable, and you could move them about to fit around and beneath you.
Phil sold her this weekend to a father with 2 kids eager to fish when they go camping together. I wish them many pleasant and safe outings. Float on sweet craft.
Phil, thanks for sharing the joy.


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  1. Oh, how much fun must that be!!
    And what a beautiful lake!