Saturday, July 9, 2011

tiny and not so tiny delights

While Jerome was visiting over the 4th of July weekend, he helped with very many chores here. After organizing the garage following a project, he was sweeping the garage floor when he shouted for Anne and me to come running. Now you never know what to expect when he shouts, but given how excited Jerome is by toads, I thought perhaps he had found one. Indeed he had. But no one was prepared for just what type of toad he had found! What Anne calls "the cutest toad ever!" There he is, sitting happily on Anne's finger.  After a good photo shoot, he was deposited in the broken teapot toad abode in the potting shed garden. Wonder what he's up to now?

Today, after giving some thought to putting garden bounty to good use for dinner, Anne got the idea to use some of the gorgeous kale we have growing. She settled on white beans and kale. Unbeknownst to me, she thought to add potatoes and did some exploring among our potato plants and found 2 lovely spuds to add to the dish, our very first of the potatoes. Their skins are soft and thin. They washed up beautifully.

And look at that bouquet of kale. It couldn't be more perfect.

In just a few minutes we'll have dinner. I can't wait. Ahh, rewards of the farm life.


  1. Sweet toad, lovely potatoes and a beautiful bouquet of kale - earth's bounty at its finest! It must be a special treat to eat the fruits of your own labor!
    Hope all is well with you, Sharon.