Saturday, December 4, 2010

our first real snow

Since Anne's been back with me at the farm our time just flies past. We spent a good deal of time yesterday cutting greens for our urns. We wanted a variety of textures for the display. We cut my old green coated chicken wire into 4 pieces so we could stuff it down into the empty urns to hold all the branches in place. We also did a little tree hunting on our acreage across the road and found the sweetest tree for our Christmas. It is growing in a cluster with several others and they would never all survive so close together. It's not very tall but has a lovely shape. It was amazing just how many baby pines are over there. They are so easy to spot now that the summer plants have died back or fallen over. There will be many young ones to transplant from the north side of our road to the south side this coming spring. While we were on the cell tower acreage we introduced ourselves to the fellow who maintains the cell tower equipment who happened to be there for his monthly check. His name is John.
We strung our lighted garland on the front porch railing yesterday too. It looks really nice out there.

We also have 3 light candleabra for each of the upstairs windows and one for the living room. If I can find more just like them I'll buy some for the other first floor windows. I have always liked their simple look. Perhaps a lighted wreath and that will be all we need outside this year.
We went to see Harry Potter at the local theatre in the afternoon. The space we were in was rather small and the volume was so loud I wore my earmuffs throughout the showing. There were only 5 other people at that show besides the two of us. I really enjoyed it and was not happy when it ended. How can I wait til July for the ending?? I was so engrossed in the movie I totally forgot the candy I had brought. When we left the theatre just after 6:00 the snow had begun and we needed to dust off the car. Good timing, we were back home in time for dinner and before the snow became a nuisance.
This morning we woke to a wonderland.

Fortunately once we went out to begin our cleanup the wind was almost non-existent and the sun was beginning to come out. Before lunch we tackled all we could with brooms and shovels.
And Anne took the time to bless the farm with her first snow angel. She actually made 2 of them.
Just before we finished the shoveling our neighbor across the road, Steve Clark, came over to ask if we'd like him to plow our drive for us. After introducing myself, I thanked him and told him we would do it ourselves today since we needed to learn how to use our new snow blower. I asked him for his phone number in case we needed help another time. He seemed like a very nice fellow.
After lunch it was time to try the new Toro. It's big, it's mighty, it's fun. We laughed so hard tears were rolling down our cheeks and the endorphins were flowing big time. No matter which way you're walking, the snow likes to blow right back at you. Poor Anne was plastered with it. I tried, when I could catch my breath laughing so hard, to tell her that her dad always said the snow blows back at you. Her comment was that she must be doing it right then! Here she is handling the machine just fine.

We didn't do the neatest job but a good one for our first time. We have the skids adjusted high because of the gravel driveway, but it does a really good job on the grassy areas set the way it is.
After finishing we put on dry clothes and quickly drove over to the holiday craft fair at the Waldorf school in town. Our friend and neighbor Amy, whose son Jae attends, had told us about it and let us know she would be selling her things there. She was set up right next to another new friend of mine, Robin, who makes lovely herbal products. Both were glad to see us and each gave me a big hug. I introduced Anne to Robin and we made a date with Amy for her to visit us next week.
So now we're back home, each drinking a delicious mug of sipping chocolate from Trader Joe's and working on our blogs. I can't wait to see Anne's photos. I'm sure we'll be able to see at least some of them on her blog.
Life is good.

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