Wednesday, December 8, 2010

deep winter

Days that dawn with single digit temperatures, snow that crunches under your feet with the sound only tightly packed snow came create, clear nights when even the stars look shivery, shadows that are so deep at 3:00 in the afternoon the pine 100 feet from the house casts its shadow on the porch, it must be winter. This morning Anne called my attention to the chickadee all puffed up at the feeder looking rather chilly in the early daylight. I jokingly said maybe we should crochet little perch covers for them to stand on. I actually made one for the gear shift of Jeromes' 48 Buick when we were dating. Now there's a memory. Our forecast is for subzero in the days (nights) ahead. Our little farm house is being put to the test. And our farmgirl characters!
Perhaps you've noticed my blog's new banner? Thank you to Anne and Picasa. I'm having a blast learning how to manipulate my graphics. Haven't settled on a temporary type font for sallymomsprouts to use until I  finalize a design of my own. I'll probably keep fiddling with that too. Fun, fun, fun.
I received a message from my favorite "local" quilt shop back in Illinois, Quilters Destination. They have just created a blog of their own. I love this technology! I'm also enjoying adding links along the sidebar. I began this blog as a way for me to keep track of the days here at the farm and to share these with my Jerome so we can feel closer. It has been a wonderful side benefit that I receive comments from you.


  1. Sharon, thank you for telling me about Barbara Hart Decker - her work is fantastic. I love children's books and have a small collection of my own. You'll laugh when you see my next blog post - we are definitely on the same wavelength this week! You'll see what I mean later tomorrow!!

  2. Hi again, Sharon!
    Just wanted to tell you that the comment you left on my blog today really meant a lot. Many thanks.
    Have a great weekend!