Tuesday, February 14, 2017

be my valentine

Woven into my self tapestry are fibers of each of yours.
A tug in your life tugs mine.

Love, the magic multiplier.
the more you give it
the more it comes back to you.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

east and west

Viroqua, Wisconsin population just over 4200.
AnDa Union in our historic Temple Theatre last night.
A Youtube video of their performance at Kennedy Center on Feb. 6  here.)
Music's power.
Still vibrating with their frequency this morning...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

working through the dis-ease

Thank you for your good health wishes of late. I am fully functional just now but as Anne Shirley once said, "Considerably rumpled in spirit." The national news and the local weather take a hefty toll.

At times like this it's natural to focus on what you can take charge of. Lately, not coincidentally, this thought has been expressed on many of the blogs I follow, and shared in conversations with non-blogging friends and family. As Mary Engelbreit so aptly illustrated:


Lately for me it's been my quilt guild challenge. Personal round robins with directed border choices. Determined to learn all ten border techniques I have been sewing two quilts. Yesterday I finished the third round on the second quilt top.
Here they are so far:

pineapple paper pieced center with 9 patch, sawtooth, and piano keys borders in place.

8 point star center with chevron, appliqué, and flying geese borders in place. More appliqué to come once I know which 2 borders will come next.

Last night a nearly full moon in a brilliantly clear sky, today total sunshine on a rising barometer. The best medicine. Daytime play dates with chickens and a lapful of cats in the evenings. Amazing antidotes.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

a selfish request

Please give your heart some thought this month...

your lives so richly improve my own.