Thursday, February 9, 2017

working through the dis-ease

Thank you for your good health wishes of late. I am fully functional just now but as Anne Shirley once said, "Considerably rumpled in spirit." The national news and the local weather take a hefty toll.

At times like this it's natural to focus on what you can take charge of. Lately, not coincidentally, this thought has been expressed on many of the blogs I follow, and shared in conversations with non-blogging friends and family. As Mary Engelbreit so aptly illustrated:


Lately for me it's been my quilt guild challenge. Personal round robins with directed border choices. Determined to learn all ten border techniques I have been sewing two quilts. Yesterday I finished the third round on the second quilt top.
Here they are so far:

pineapple paper pieced center with 9 patch, sawtooth, and piano keys borders in place.

8 point star center with chevron, appliqué, and flying geese borders in place. More appliqué to come once I know which 2 borders will come next.

Last night a nearly full moon in a brilliantly clear sky, today total sunshine on a rising barometer. The best medicine. Daytime play dates with chickens and a lapful of cats in the evenings. Amazing antidotes.


  1. So much beauty in this post, Sharon! Lovely cross stitch on top and SUCH beautiful quilts!!! I can't even imagine myself matching all those points and piecing such details, but I so admire your work!! And that "ME" illustration is one of my favorites!
    I'm so glad to read that you are feeling a bit better. Give those sweet kitties a pat for me! xo

  2. Arts and crafts are definitely healing. How I wish we had a bright blue sky - our sky has hung down like a grey duvet - thank goodness I have much to keep me busy indoors! :)

  3. so glad you are on the mend. there's so many pretty things to look at here, sharon. your round robins are quite amazing!

    and yes, maintaining sanity is a very real goal these days. you are not alone in your search for it. xo