Sunday, October 23, 2016


Have you ever lifted a turtle from the lake and brought it to shore to have a bit of a conversation before setting it down on the ground? No matter how often you try to divert its course it will turn back to the water. The earth is doing this now, despite the intervention of soft mild days, the drive of the seasons is pulling all of us, flora and fauna, forward.
There are those moments between, however. Late blooming flowers, gems in the form of raspberries, spinach and kale and onion greens. Monarchs that seem in no hurry.
But there are unmistakeable signs. Squirrels in a panic, entire species of birds now gone, others now wearing winter hues, such as the wee one pictured above who became confused by the clear day and stunned itself on the upstairs sliders.
And the light. The amazing day, by night.
The mammal me needs to admit these truths and allow them to work their earthly influence. The spiritual me, by recognizing the particular blessings and graces abundant only now, is strengthened and uplifted by them. This feast is offered only now. Tuck in. Enjoy.


  1. Lovely, descriptive writing Sharon. Time marches on. I hope the little bird recovered enough to fly away.

  2. "Tuck in. Enjoy."
    Autumnal blessings and graces are deep and rich.

  3. Love the photo and your thoughts.
    Hope you received my emails yesterday, Sharon.
    Have a wonderful day enjoying the blessings of Autumn.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.
    Life never stops to amaze me either!