Saturday, September 24, 2016

heavy times

The driftless region we call home is a stunningly beautiful landscape of ridges and valleys. Not far from
us the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi. Closer to home the local rivers and their feeder streams with names like Kickapoo, Bad Axe, and Seas Branch wind their ways around our communities.
Perhaps you've heard of the September rains, notably those of this past week, that have caused such trouble in our neck of the woods.
Think positive thoughts on our behalf. Direct your healing energies this way. Bless you for doing so.


  1. Hello Sharon,

    That is dreadful news about your neighbour. I hope the rain stays away for you. At Forbes in New South Wales they are having flooding problems at the moment as well. Seems we sometimes can get too much rain.

    Happy days.

  2. I did go and read about the flooding in your area, Sharon, and that Viroqua's Main Street had 4 feet of water. I am sending my love, concern and prayers to you, as you go through this difficult time. Wishing all the best for you and Jerome and all of your neighbors. xo

  3. Sending you all my good thoughts and wishes Sharon. Hang on in there!

  4. OH NO!
    Takes me back to 5 years ago when Irene wrecked Vermont. Gosh, I hope you have had some relief by now, and that the long haul of recovery has begun. I'm sending hope and strength to all of you folks out there in your neck of the woods. xo