Wednesday, August 3, 2016

high summer

No, I've not been on holiday. Just living life each day:

according to the weather

the garden

friends and family

sharing garden bounty with the flock each day

always on the lookout for wildlife …these tiny ones make it hard to mow without worry

a surprise visit by both Jerome's brothers who road their motorcycles to see us but learned to love a slower mode of transport

absolutely ridiculous rains at the third tournament of the season

but still a successful outing

Lately we've been farm sitting for our neighbors.

Life is full.


  1. So much life, beauty and dedication - I love seeing photos of your world, Sharon. So rich and life-affirming. Glad I met you in blogland! xo

  2. lovely glimpse into your days, sharon. life is full here too. xo

  3. In my next life I am coming back in Sharon's World! (Seriously though, I know it took you lots of hard work and dedication to get the life you have now and remember how you felt in the early days before Jerome came to join you.