Sunday, June 1, 2014

the first of June

I know if I type these words they'll revolve in my head all day, but I can't resist. June is busting out all over! It seems all manner of growing things exploded around here since my last post. Tiny buds and shoots are full blown and summer is here in earnest. There's joy at every turn.
Speaking of joy, I will be joining Anne in her focus on joy in June. I love the idea of a single photo with bits of comment. Should fit into the full agenda June has in store. Thanks again for a great idea, Anne.
And speaking of joy and great Anne ideas, I can finally post on my participation in Anne's 3rd year of Handmade Joy Exchange. 
I had been waiting for Laura, the recipient of my hand-mades to actually receive them and have the time to post about it before I wrote a blog sharing both my sending and my receiving. Though I had feared my package to England was "lost at sea" it just decided to take the scenic route, much to my relief. Sorry about the delay, Laura.
Meanwhile, my package from Laurie arrived quickly and beautifully right on time. I felt I should wait to post about them at the same time, so my apologies to Laurie. Everything about her package to me was/is beautiful.

Laurie, aka Hedgerowrose, must have an amazing life, crafting and growing such beauties. I am thrilled  by each of these. Thank you, Laurie.
Thank you Laura.
Thank you Anne.
Joy abundant.


  1. Wonderful handmade joy exchanges and very generous gifts from both of you (I looked at Laura's blog). I will be joining in with Anne's Joyful June too - such a lovely idea!

  2. Thank you, Sharon!!
    The bracelets are still on my wrist!! ��
    Have a nice week!!

  3. So glad that the package finally made its way to Laura! :) And that you loved your bits from Laurie. And that you're going to join in with Joy in June!

    Lots to be joyful about!

  4. (oh, and love that iris. too some rain drop ladened photos of mine this morning, it opened today).

  5. The handmade items you received from Laurie are beautiful, as are your gifts to Laura, which I saw on her blog!! It really is a special event, cooked up by your wonderful daughter! I hope we'll do it again next year!! The iris at the top of your post is just beautiful - thank you, Sharon, for sharing such a joyful flower!