Monday, April 28, 2014

AQS in Paducah

Just returned from Quilt City USA. If you quilt they say you must experience a quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky.  AQS shows are scheduled in several locations annually, but Paducah is the home of Meredith Schroeder, founder of both AQS and the National Quilt Museum. When we heard about a 4 day bus trip, my intrepid buddy, Mary, and I decided this was our year to go. And now, in a blink, we're back.

The award winning quilts were not to be believed. This whole cloth quilt is entirely created with thread. The first photo is its center. The second a peek at the top left corner. Sorry, I never was able to get a shot of the whole thing. So many people!!

Here is one of the famous Tentmakers of Cairo. We were lucky to catch an interview and demonstration. Tarek did all of the appliqué you see in this photo.  If you have time, watch the YouTube and be amazed as I was. After we watched the presentation and the crowds dispersed I picked up two very small scraps he had left behind on the carpet. Some day they will work themselves into an appliqué of my own.

The miniature quilts were among my favorite and just take your breath away.These photos are poor because these quilts were under glass in a cavernous room with lots of overhead lighting.Realize that the finished pieces measure less than 18 inches across and some close to 12.
The first is done entirely with thread. The next is appliqué. The closeup shot shows the detail. Look how large the ribbon is on the final quilt...

I spoke with several people I've only read about or seen on the internet. Had my picture taken with Marie Bostwick.

The weather was amazing, dogwood, lilac, crabapples, bulbs, and green green grass everywhere. Day temperatures were in the low 80s. Our bus took a total. If everyone was honest, the 49 of us spent $18, 000 on quilt related purchases. That's an average of $367. I spent less than that, but not a lot less. Such treasures I brought home!
A wonderful trip. Thanks, Mary, for putting up with me.


  1. I am glad that you were able to experience some warm weather at long last! The quilt show looks like it was an amazing time especially because you spent time with friends and got to witness wonderful craftsmanship first hand. I am so pleased that you had a lovely time.

  2. Such beautiful quilts - what a wonderful trip! So glad you enjoyed it, Sharon! And I just love this photo of you. You must be very inspired - when will you start your next quilt?

  3. Sharon, I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and I'm sure you are creating your own beautiful quilts.

  4. Oh, what fun! Such a treat to be savored with a best pal. Thanks for sharing the amazing quilts with us. xo