Thursday, July 18, 2013

goodbye, dear little house on Merrill St.

On Tuesday of this week, we handed the keys to our little brick Georgian, our home of 37 years, to Ricky and Amy who is great with their first child. Their truck was already packed. They couldn't wait to move in.

painted and given by our good neighbor, Fran

My RAV4 was also packed, with the last bits we had gathered that morning before our drive to our lawyer's office for the closing. Saying goodbye was harder than I expected.
It's not the bricks and mortar, though surely there isn't an inch of that little house or garden we hadn't put our hearts and labor into. No, it is the precious living that we did at that address. Our children, our youth, our love.
Thank you, little Georgian. May you be blessed to keep this new young family as safe and happy as we have been in your care.


  1. Nice to have the painting to treasure. Now you have a lovely new home in which to build memories.

  2. Bittersweet and lovely. Such a lucky young family to have the legacy of yours to welcome them. xo

  3. My heart goes out to you, Sharon. I had a very hard time giving up the house in which we raised our daughter. I know you know that your future is bright, but these moments are bittersweet nonetheless.
    Sending you warm hugs and love.

  4. This inspires me to find something to love in my home daily . . . may you find as much love & joy at the new place.