Monday, October 8, 2012


It's extremely windy and mild here today. Tomorrow we may get some much needed rain. I should be out planting garlic but the wind is enough to knock you over. And a bit of rain will help soften the soil for planting later, right?
The frost of the weekend caused me to quickly bring all of my houseplants in from the porches, even though I hadn't gotten around to preparing them for coming inside. I had procrastinated for too long. Some of those plants were set into tin pots painted white with eyelet edges in various sizes that I bought at Ikea. There are large stones in the bottoms of these to keep the plants out of water whether from my overwatering or rain from being outside. Two of these pots have since been emptied of their plants but still had the stones at the bottoms.  This afternoon Dovey was showing keen interest in one of them, gently poking her arm into the bottom and backing away. I picked it up and looked inside to see what she was so interested in and only saw stones. A bit later I heard Dovey's distress sound and discovered...

a stowaway. It has been inside since last Thursday or Friday. I'm glad it remained in the pot and didn't escape into the house where it would have been unable to survive. I'm happy it's a mild day for him to be released and find his way.
Be safe this winter little fellow. Thanks for the chuckle you gave me and the excitement you gave Dovey.


  1. Well done to Dovey for drawing your attention to the little stowaway!

  2. ...I like that toad a lot! It has brilliant colours! I love all the pictures in your previous posts, too...and seeing that you're always so busy! Your tomatoes look great!!