Friday, April 20, 2012

vision to the blind

The window over my kitchen sink: I stand with this image before me uncountable times each day and how often do I really see? Variations of glass in deep deep reds, clusters of cuttings thriving in the east exposure while lustily sending out new roots, the rich and warm tones of the woodwork in window and cabinet, the expanse of our side yard, narrow pine shade garden and fields beyond,  daily sun rises and monthly full moons, storms moving past, wildlife visiting...

Vacancy of mind is fatal to the spirit. Shake it off, Sharon. Life is not a dress rehearsal.


  1. You have a beautiful window display Sharon and a beautiful view beyond.

  2. Yes, what a pretty window this is, Sharon. You have a lovely touch with decorating.
    I think we all become numb to our surroundings at times - not to worry. It sounds like you found a new appreciation for this lovely vignette today. Hope you find something fun to do this weekend! Sending you love...

  3. Living in the moment is often a challenge, and we certainly can't do it all the time. But simply being fully present for a bit can be such an oasis in a busy day. I know from reading your blog that you know and practice this, Sharon.

    Occasional "vacancy of mind"? Very human.

    Be gentle and forgiving with yourself, friend.