Thursday, November 10, 2011

e is for egad! and eleven

I've just waved goodbye to Jerome after another wonderful few days spent together working here at the farm. He arrived just at sunset on Sunday. We had checked the weather forecast and knew we only had one good day to complete a long list of outside jobs before rain and possible snow arrived. So Monday we worked til near dark, a while after the chicks and ducks were secured for the night. The nearly full moon was already being swallowed by thickening clouds. Just before the last of the daylight left the sky we saw one enormous V of geese flying very high overhead, calling encouragement to each other.
Tuesday we worked around the rain in the garage, the basement, running to the store and trying to find someone who could identify what made the check engine light come on in Jerome's Jeep. Wednesday morning he had planned to leave late morning but when we got up we were in the midst of the first snow of the season. And though it wasn't quite what folks experienced in the east at Halloween, it was enough to cause a widespread brown out and then a black out, cause people to end up in ditches and keep our electrician from being able to spend the day here, and to keep Jerome from driving back to the city as planned.

Now our 5 and 1/2 month old chickens and ducks had never seen snow. And fortunately the large limbs that fell from our giant pine above the potting shed landed outside the duck enclosure.

When I opened the chicken door those in front stood absolutely still as the entire flock pushed against them from behind.  I can't help but wonder what they thought as they saw nothing but white and felt the heavy wet snowflakes hit their little beaky faces. You can see one of the Auracanas is practically climbing the tin wall to keep from going down into the snow. And Number One, one of our roosters, wouldn't leave the house at all. That's him above watching through the window.

By late afternoon the sun was out and the moon rose in the sky side by side with Jupiter. However, this morning once again it was snowing when we got up and continued to snow until just as Jerome left. Here and there I can see a tiny patch of blue trying to erase the chalky clouds around it.
Without having to look very hard I find some bit of grace to fill the heart just when it's needed most.  It's always fun working side by side with Jerome here at the farm. And always agony to have to say goodbye. But I'll be traveling to the city soon and Jerome plans to come spend New Year's Eve here again this year. We both look forward to living here together all the time. We both know what's involved between now and then and I am ever thankful that we have the strength and courage to face it.

Oh, and what about eleven??? Well, yesterday, the chickens produced 11 eggs, a single day's record.

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  1. And today is 11-11-11!!!
    Sharon, so glad you had good days with Jerome. I can't believe the snow you got, although we did have some at the end of October! Love seeing pictures of your chickens, and lucky they are to have a snug home!!
    Wishing you a restful weekend after all your hard work, Sharon!