Friday, February 25, 2011

uneven days

Have you ever driven on the highway and been behind a car whose driver uses the accelerator as if it were an expression pedal on a piano? Speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down. That pretty much sums up my energy levels these days. This morning we have a sunrise for a change, and maybe it's been the lack of sunshine that limits my energy, for sunny mornings do coincide with a nice burst of "Let's get to it!"

Yesterday I was in the middle of a really good back stretch when "Ugh!" I felt my back go into spasms. If you've ever had a leg cramp, think about it tugging on both sides of your backbone, from the middle of your back to just below the waist. That was a first for me: a wake-up call to get back to a daily dose of my strengthening stretches. It's some better this morning, thankfully, but scary. Another case of my knowing what I should be doing and not making it a routine part of my day. My own worst enemy.
But this morning, despite the back thing, I'm eager to get going. Isn't it a blessing that "Joy cometh in the morning?"
I had so much fun with the little crocheted "sweater" that I had to do another. This time I chose not to put any sleeves on, made 3 button "holes" instead of the 2 the pattern called for, and added cross stitched covered buttons. Looking at it this morning I think it's cute. (Yesterday, in my pain and funk mood I wasn't so sure I liked it.)

Now I need to find some cute duckie print for a dress and/or pants to go with it. I've got a couple adorable "bootie" and shoe patterns to try. And a few new patterns for little people clothes. When Anne and Phillip were small, I made lots of their clothes. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to sew and detail clothes for kids. Now with the next generation coming on in my family I can discover it all over again.

Anne and I plan to go to Onalaska next Wednesday to shop at Hancock fabrics (senior discount days!) Perhaps I'll find some cute prints there.
Two days ago I shook off my inertia and practiced a bit of free motion quilting. Boy am I bad at that! I did do a little machine quilting with my walking foot on a small quilted project and enjoyed that quite a bit. Maybe I'm ready to finish my paper pieced pillow top now. And then some of my pieced quilt tops???
I'm beginning to plan the stitched postcard I'll be making for an exchange that I impulsively joined when I saw it on Anne's blog. I'll be getting my swap pal emailed to me by the beginning of March. If you're interested, the pretty heart button on the right column of my blog has a link to it.
And yesterday I mailed my package of half square triangles to the delivery point in Katy, Texas. Sometimes I've wondered if I was born at the right time, having such deep love of all things hand made and home grown. Funny how the world seems to be rediscovering all of these things right now! And I can say that though I'm now living in a rural area rather than the close, urban environment I've known all my life, I don't in any way feel isolated. The technology of the day has brought the world to my sewing room, and so many opportunities to make new friends. Yesterday I walked along Covent Garden with Simone. At Christmas I visited the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Montreal with Judy. I spend time in Anne's garden in Ohio whenever I want. And though my blog was begun as a log for me and a window into my daily life for my sweetie in the city to share, I hope it can also be a portal for those who come across it on their virtual journeys. You are always welcome.


  1. First, Sharon, I do hope that your back is on the mend. That spasm sounded very painful. I wasn't able to go to the gym while recovering from surgery and really felt it when I went back this week. Yes, I guess being consistent with exercise is not even an option at this point in life!
    That little sweater is so sweet - what a lovely gift! I'm sure you'll find some cheerful fabric at Hancock's and I can't wait to see what you make next!
    The swaps you are involved in sound like fun. Yes, the internet is a wonderful way to connect with like minded people. I really value the connections and friendships I've made through my blog, including, of course, you and Anne.
    Lastly, the first photo on this post is beautiful! The ridges of snow(?) are so artistic. Such a peaceful scene.
    Have a great weekend, Sharon.

  2. Sharon, I am sorry to hear that you have hurt your back and hope that it soon gets better. The little baby top you made is so sweet. You are such a busy lady! I am glad you liked coming to Covent Garden with me. I love visiting rural Wisconsin too!!!